Sunday, January 20, 2008

If at first you don't succeed, you're doing about average

I am an accessories fanatic… whether they are from an expensive boutique, flea market, handmade by friends, exotic finds… it does not matter as long as they are a unique piece, it will find its way home to my dressing table. My hubby thinks I am crazy, and thinks they all look the same…

If you are anything like me, my dressing table is a mess from Monday to Friday, through to Saturday and Sunday too. Therefore, it is a difficult task for me somehow in the midst of the Monday to Friday rat race, that I can find any of my so call “treasured” accessories within the mess to go with my business casual wear.

While I was creating one of my many memory boards, I came up with mini version of it. The functionality is the same as the bigger size boards, filled with photos, invitations, greeting cards etc…
Why just stop there I thought… I used the mini one on my dressing table to hang all my earrings in display. They are clearly visible for me to choose and it will protect them from scratching one another when stashed away in a box together.

I quite like the idea, as it also brings out the simple, clutter-free, yet girly touch to the dressing table. Sorry Hubby, at least you can find your ring now within the mess.

It is back to the drawing board to invent something to hold my necklaces.

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Polka Dot Bride said...

Wow your header had me swooning from the word go!

I actually use a candle holder for necklaces, it sounds off butts tall, wrought iron and cream with curls near the candle, all the necklaces hang from there :)