Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Memory Boards & Market Day

I have numerous memory boards at home. It’s no surprise that I am totally in love with them, especially when I find an exquisite fabric that will brighten up any room. I have one in the office too, and when I feel stress, I just turned and looked at funny pictures I have of my boys and hubby smiling or even making faces at me. Joy.
I place quotes of encouragement’s and happy notes to brighten any day too.

So how do you use yours?

Market days are tired, not going to deny that… but overall experience is always fun. We meet many very pleasant customers, full of smiles and complements once they looked at the store… that really brings a smile to my face. We also have notice that little girls love my store; it is such a cute scene. They will beg their mum to get one of my memory boards, but unfortunately, they do not always get what they ask for.
So far, touchwood we have not meet anyone that is difficult at all. Lets keep it that way.
As always, I have to thank my hubby for helping me get up 4:30 in the morning, load the items into the car the night before, and not to mention carry the heavy loads to set up. He has always been patient… quietly and contended to have his coffee, Turkish lunch, and his Sat newspaper and let the day just swift by… until it is packing time and we do it all over again in one month’s time.